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Rowan Berry

Rowan Berry of Wexford hand-craft our decorative and practical products in a sustainable way that gives a respectful nod to Nature. Our products are 'up-cycled' using everyday waste items combined with carefully selected decoration.

Our Products

Rowan Berry use recycled and sustainable materials in our designs, which include decorative:

Our products look great in your own home, and they make the ideal gift for someone special.

Seasonal Ranges

Rowan Berry designs are desirable and we know that you'll love them as a gift for you, or as a thoughtful gift for someone special at any time of the year.

Our range includes the following design themes:

About Rowan Berry

Rowan Berry are a school TY business student venture group. Our designs are naturally decorative and where we can, we ensure that they do something positive for our planet and we give 10% of our profits to an active environmental charity.

Email Us

Rowan Berry can be contacted by email at to ask us about our products, whether we can post them to you, or about sharing our brand.